A few vacation ideas.... west coast style

Let me suggest a few places to visit that are relatively inexpensive and can be made into whatever type of trip you'd like to take. I'll give you my top eight list in no particular order.

#1: Lake Tahoe. You can spend your time in Tahoe for a wedding, as I did once, for a bachelor party, which I did another time or for a business meeting. You can go there to gamble on sports, ski, kayak, hike or hit the clubs.  

#2: San Diego. There is much more to San Diego than the beach. Balboa Park, Sea World, PetCo Field, Fashion Valley Mall, Tijuana, Gaslamp District and downtown. The zoo is freaking awesome (it's also fucking closed, Ray). With everything from pandas to tigers, polar bears and gremlins. OK, maybe there are no gremlins... just checking to see if you were paying attention!

All I'm saying is be very careful when searching for "clubs on the strip"#3: Las Vegas. Umm black jack. Card Counting. Sportsbooks galore. Some of the best clubs in the world. All you can eat buffets. Sleeping til 3pm. Going to bed at 6am. Craps. Live UFC fights. The Strip. I could go on.

#4: San Francisco. One of the coolest cities in the world. Stay with a friend to save on hotel costs. Everyone knows someone who lives there. Fisherman's Warf and China Town are two of my favorites. 

#5: Los Angeles. If you want a serious dose of WestSide Culture, check out Venice Beach and Long Beach. Otherwise, Hollywood, Bel-Air, Disneyland and all that Pirates of the Caribbean bullshit is cool, too.

#6: Bend, Oregon. Quaint. Quiet. Quomodocunquize. It means to make money anyway possible and has nothing to do with this blog post. Moving on. Bend is possibly one of my favorite small west coast cities. It's little enough to still be calm, yet large enough to have some incredible culture. Check out the Mill District,
Old Bend and the micro-breweries.

Carlsbad Village

#7: Carlsbad, Cali. Not Carlsbad, New Mexico. Cbad as the locals like to call it is my favorite beach town. You can rent a hotel room right on the beach for $99/night and I'm talking about a pimped out room, not some freaking Best Western BS. Close to Lego-Land, outlet malls and you can get to Orange County is less than an hour. The downtown area is quiet during the day and lively at night. Great restaurants, better beach cafes. There is a place that makes a peanut butter and jelly smoothie. It's the next Laguna Beach. Do it.


#8: Denver. Anything you want, including Tim Tebow. Snow, cool summers, downtown parks, big city feel, Tim Tebow, The US Mint, 16th Street Pedestrian Mall, Larimer Square and Tim Tebow. Denver is the hub of Frontier Airlines, my favorite airline because they have outstanding customer service, the least expensive tickets, wild animals on their wing-tips and they give you fresh baked cookies each flight. Plus you can watch TV on the plane. I've watched several football games while on a Frontier flight. Nothing like following your fantasy football team from 30,000 feet in the air. Did I mention Tim Tebow?


What is your favorite West Coast city vacation destination?