Spring Sprung: Get your travel on

Spring time is the perfect season to get out and about. If you are a sports fan, there are only two places to be come Spring. 1) The Cactus League. Phoenix, AZ. 2) The Ballin League. Las Vegas, NV.

If you're headed to Phoenix, check out my detailed analysis Spring Training Guide. I'll also be attending the Cactus League this year, so when you see me, you can tell me how much you liked the guide. Or not. Either way.

As far as what to do in the Valley of the Sun, well, there's baseball, obviously, the Suns and downtown PHX, shopping at the Biltmore or Fashion Square, lounging in the pool with an adult beverage and much more. When I'm on vacation, sometimes I just like to chill at the resort and AZ has some nice ones. With beautiful pools. And scenery. Nudge, nudge. Plus there's this dude

Vegas, baby. And no, that's not Dick Vitale. He'd say something lame, like, "Vegas, it's awesome, baby. Oh the diaper dandy. Ohhh." I don't even know what that means. Luckily when you are in Vegas for March Madness, you'll be surrounded by big screen televisions and options so you won't need to hear Vitale. I've only been to Vegas once during March Madness, but let me tell you it was insane. And fun. Do it!

I just looked at my iPhone. NYC 42 degrees. SF 59. Seattle 48.

Temperature in Phoenix, 82. Veags, 79. Need I say more?